Ali express finds

I’ve been sharing my Ali express finds over at my Instagram Behindtheblushdoor

To save messaging the links I’ll add them all here, and I’ll update as I find new ones.

These are ones I’ve bought and am happy with the quality.

When looking, really pay attention to the feedback and how many they have sold.

Please let me know if the link is no longer working and I’ll delete the link.

Funnel (I got the larger size)

Bobby pins

Lint comb

Cotton tote

Dryer brush


Sparkly socks

Dumpling plate Dumpling maker/press

Wooden chips and chopping board Muslin I use to hold Herbies dummy, it acts as a cuddly. Pic is a grubby one 🙈)Egg separator or sweet dipper

Felt balls

Day of the week washi tapeWooden milk, sauce and mayoHeadphone stand Dinosaur fossils Large paper clip Water beads Animal plasters Wooden teapot Thread cutter snips Wooden push pins

Black s hooks

(As pictured above)

Stainless steel pegsBell (I bought for the cubby) Wooden board and magnetic egg Wooden pencils

Black pencils Wooden whisk Wooden slingshot Black steel scissors Collapsible plastic storage box Wooden poster frame

I love these but I do add blu tack in to hold the wood together as I find the magnet isn’t strong enough, I wouldn’t hesitate to re buy.Candle wick trimmer Tripod with selfie clip Florist tapes Toy bee Dinosaur car

Wooden checklist stamp Acorn stamp Checklist stamps Silicone iceblock mold Kids iPad mini cover Tooth Fairy coin

Triceratops balloon

Brontosaurus balloon

Black number balloon

Hulk figurine

Wooden hand

Mine is 7″

6 piece washi tape

Kraft storage bag

Wooden cup

Tea pot is listed further up

Coffee drip filters


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